DLNA: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

January 7th, 2006 |

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by Kevin Edwards

The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas provided a glimpse of life in the digital domain. Intel rolled out their Viiv video on demand platform. Microsoft’s Urge is a competitor as well, and players like AT&T Home and others are vying for the prime real estate of our collective living rooms.

In the end, all the hard disk recorders, mobile media devices and computers have to be able to connect. On the first of a two part edition of PodTech News, we’ll discuss the DLNA, The Digital Living Network Alliance: an interoperability standards organization made of dozens of industry leaders. We spoke with Michael Alexenko, Executive Director of Technology & Product Planning for Maxtor’s Storage Devices Division, and we began with Intel’s director of marketing for the Storage Components Division Chris Croteau.

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