PodTech News: Reporting from CES; Preview from IDC Analyst Susan Kevorkian

January 5th, 2006 |
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PodTech and PodTech News will be a CES in Las Vegas from Wed through Sunday reporting from CES.

At the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas one of the big themes is how 2006 is the year we finally see the long expected radical shift in media brought on by the power of IP and associated technologies (like the iPod… especially the iPod). Some players will seamlessly change their content from streaming to on-demand. Some merely will move their streaming model to the web. Some will fail.

IDC analyst Susan Kevorkian moderates a CES panel called “The Return of Radio” on Thursday, which addresses the problem of the shrinking radio market and the opportunities for satellite and HD radio to give the market a shot in the arm.

PodTech chatted with Susan just before CES to get her take on the outlook for 2006 on the iPod, streaming and the potential of IP-based audio.


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