eBay Demo Expo: Second Life prototype

April 30th, 2007 |
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I was one of the few outsiders to visit eBay and witness an internal “Demo Expo.” The Demo Expo was a way for employees to come up with a new technology or feature and show it off to eBay’s employees and executives. I picked my favorite four teams, and this is one of them. Thanks to eBay’s Disruptive Innovations team, which is the one that put together the Demo Expo and invited me along. The only rule was that these projects had to use eBay’s standard publicly-available APIs.

Here Bernard Huang and Erhan Erdem show me a new Second Life billboard. Well, it looks like a billboard but it really is an interactive board where you can perform searches and bids on eBay items. Keep in mind that this is a prototype and not a shipping product. This is only a small of example of what could be done on eBay in Second Life.


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