How IT Effectiveness Creates Savings and Increased Performance

March 7th, 2008 |
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Join BearingPoint managing director Frank Mackris to explore how IT effectiveness can reduce costs while improving performance. With all the pressure on the CIO of an organization to deal with the ever-changing marketplace, now more than ever, they are turning to technology resources for assistance.

The main obstacle for an organization is delivering technology in a cost-effective manner. Most often, leaders are not aware of their total spend across the organization. The idea behind IT effectiveness is to integrate an IT Cost Transparency solution which is paramount for determining the total spend. With IT Cost Transparency, you are able to look across the entire organization to see the costs of all services, facilities and people, and to see how it relates to the applications you’re utilizing. It is this type of function that will allow you to re-evaluate where you are currently spending your funds and how you can reduce costs.

One of the most significant obstacles we see occurring is the unwillingness for an organization to welcome new solutions. Most clients only have a ledger view of their current spend. These are the clients that need a transparent component added to their current infrastructure. Once a client sees the costs that can be reduced, leaders are compelled to act.


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