Utility Computing: A 3-Phased Approach to Layered Implementation

May 14th, 2007 |
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Are there so many moving parts to the Utility Computing puzzle that you’re unsure where and how to start? Do you have the tools you need in place so you can band resources and achieve the goal of utility computing and charge people on a usage basis? Join Pinaki Roy, senior manager and BearingPoint technologist, as he discusses the technology view of utility computing – the much looked-at but misunderstood facet of the utility computing picture.

He’ll cover how to pick, choose and instrument certain areas like the server hardware layer and management of resources and recommend a phased approach to implementing the layers required to eventually achieve utility computing nirvana. Pinaki explains that it’s not just about the brand new technologies but making sense of it all and putting the pieces together to create a productive environment.


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