Blogger Interview with GM’s Nick Zielinski & Dr. Gary Smyth

June 11th, 2007 |
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GM’s Nick Zielinski, Chief Engineer of the Volt and Gary Smyth, GM’s Director of Powertrain Systems, sat down to dinner with a group of bloggers including Sam Abuelsamid of AutoblogGreen, Todd Kaho of Green Car Journal, Lyle Dennis of, Philip Proefrock of Ecogeek and Green, and Matt Mayer of GroovyGreen. A wide range of topics were covered from the Volt to Li-Ion batteries, flex-fuel, V2G, CAFE standards and more. Pardon the audio–this was done at a very noisy restaurant, and while the conversation went for two hours, we stopped recording after 40 minutes due to the loud orchestra that started playing, and so we could enjoy our dinner. Lyle has a great write up from the event.


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