This American (Second) Life: Community Conference in San Francisco

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Four hundred members of the Linden Lab’s MMORPG Second Life got together for a community conference in San Francisco. With badges bearing their avatar names, participants flew in from as far away as Italy, Germany and Japan to hear panels that ran the gamut from marketing and branding products to community building and sex. Podtech’s Michael Johnson heard a few good stories.

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Reporter’s Notes – The conference was an unusual gathering of generally-nice people, all of whom, I presume, live an active virtual life. I’ve seen some stats on just how many people are in Second Life, and at, there’s an interesting discussion on how the metrics stack up at Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life. Their blog is chock full of system info on the status of SL on any given day. SLer’s are building houses and apartment complexes on the land they’ve bought. I found a how-to video over at

I also met a few interesting folks like coumnist Regina Lynn. Her blog/site has a pretty racy discussion on sex and technology, so if you go there bring the Niagara, Viagra, or whatever you’ve got handy…. it’s not for the faint of heart.

– Michael Johnson


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