Intel Gives Gamers Max Power at CES

January 19th, 2007 |
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The World Series of Video Gamers, sponsored by Intel, was a smash hit at CES. Gaming is one of the fastest growing areas in the entertainment industry, and thanks to Intel’s Core2Duo processors and the next generation of Core2Extreme and Core2Quad featuring four compute engines on one chip, gaming is getting a rocket boost that is getting kudos from gamers everywhere.

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Host: Michael Johnson – PodTech

Guest: Danny Christophano – Intel

Guest: Laura Peterson – AOL

Guest: Andy Morad

Michael Johnson – PodTech

I’m Michael Johnson and we’re here at the International Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas Nevada 2007 and we’re about to go and explore some of the exciting things are happening inside, the World Series Of Video Gaming taking place inside the Intel Tent all driven by some of the best processors in the world. So, let’s go inside and check it out.

Here, to the Intel Tent you’ve been racing these cars. Now, you’ve got a chance to actually get into the stimulated environment with the Core2Duo processor and the Core2Extreme. Tell me how was the racing experience on the screen versus what you get on the real track.

Andy Morad

For sure you Intel, their machine is so high-tech and sophisticated, so, it’s definitely more realistic than most of the stimulators I’ve tried and probably one of the most realistic out there.

Michael Johnson – PodTech

It might be inspiring few others out there to hop into their go-carts and get on the race track.

Andy Morad

Yeah, well, if you like racing and why don’t you try a go-cart and see how it goes to goes from there.

Danny Christophano – Intel

There is so much going on in the game there are lots of processes or intensive calls that they make lots of threading that they can do with the gaming. We’re able to do not only customization of the game itself with getting the BMW car into it having a few of the replica tracks developed, but also to actually have it optimized, so it can perform better on not only Duo car, but now QuadCore our Core2Extrem Processor Technology. So, fantastic game and fantastic experience on the new Intel technology.

Michael Johnson – PodTech

What you think about what you seeing here?

Laura Peterson – AOL

Well, it just moved forward so quickly I mean 512 meg graphics cards. It’s just – when I started the gaming, there was like 32 meg, 64 meg. So, just seeing the exponential growth, this is huge in just so little time and also the cooling and the tool-core the Quad-core it’s more and more power all the time.

Michael Johnson – PodTech

So, we’ve had a great time here in the World Series of Video Gaming Tent, all sponsored by Intel; driven by the Core2Duo Processors and Extreme Processors. It’s been a great time here with the Sanaz and with Maraya, and we’re going to sign off. We did have a great time here. I’m Michael Johnson, see you next time.

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