OnStar’s 10th Anniversary: Chat with Chet Huber

January 20th, 2007 |
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While at the Detroit Auto Show (proper name North American International Auto Show, NAIAS) I had the opportunity to visit the OnStar Command Center . At first, I didn’t want to go. I was tired and had been speaking with GM and other auto folk all day. Afterwards, I was so glad I did go! It was one of the most fascinating parts of my whole time in Detroit. I thought I already knew about OnStar, the in-car vehicle navigation system and emergency auto service–what it was, how it worked, etc. But visiting the command center was an eye-opener about just how much this system helps saves lives. After the visit, I had the opportunity to sit one-on-one with OnStar’s Chet Huber, who related two stories in the recent news about how OnStar really does help in emergencies–the avalance in Colorado, and a woman’s abduction that had a happy ending. While Chet doesn’t want to refer to OnStar as a national 911 service I couldn’t help but make the inference, as well as dwell on all the possibilities that the service could eventually come to be used for. It also made me want to have the service for the loved ones in my life.

Reporter’s Notes: We must be making quite an impression on the large automakers with our content here on The NextGear. So much so that GM invited us for an all expense paid trip to Detroit to cover the North American International Auto Show. While there, they wined and dined us and gave us unprecedented access to designers, high level corporate bigwigs and company spokespeople, yet with no requirement that we publish anything about them, only that we disclose this enticement. It was an opportunity we are happy to share with you, our audience. I encourage you to leave your feedback!

-Matt Kelly

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