Second Life, Real Life, Living Under Glass

October 12th, 2006 |
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Second Life designer Versu Richelieu (her avatar name) is living in a fishbowl: A Manhattan storefront. She’ll live there for 72 hours with no other way to communicate than her wireless laptop. Her challenge: to design an entire cityscape in Second Life in those 3 days. PodTech’s Michael Johnson caught up with Versu and Millions of Us CEO Reuben Steiger, just before she “sealed” herself in.

Reporter’s Notes: Would you live in a window on a busy NYC street corner? It takes a much braver soul than me, but it’s a fascinating idea. New World Notes has some pics of Versu “in world” and “for reals”. Marketing bloggers are checking it out as well. And see her yourself at – Michael Johnson

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