IT@Intel: Improving Sales Account Coverage with Artificial Intelligence

February 12th, 2021 |
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IT Best Practices: As businesses grow, meeting the needs of new markets, customers, and partners can be challenging. Sales and marketing organizations are constantly under pressure to effectively cover accounts and rapidly respond to customers’ changing needs while maintaining—or even reducing—operational costs. Intel’s Sales
and Marketing Group faces similar challenges while growing in new markets and domains and evolving its existing business.

To meet these challenges, Intel IT developed Sales AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that enables Intel to significantly scale its sales activity. Sales AI collects and interprets customer and ecosystem data, then translates it into meaningful and actionable insights.

Intel IT developed two applications that use the Sales AI platform:
• Sales Assist provides insights (referred to as assists) to account managers. These assists broaden account managers’ opportunities to better interact with customers and increase efficiency so they can cover more accounts and create more sales opportunities.
• Autonomous Sales creates automatic sales motions, which are actions that Intel offers a customer or partner through an email, website ad, or newsletter. Whether or not a customer chooses to take an action teaches us about their needs and interests. Autonomous Sales operates daily and automatically, with no human intervention. It applies to all partners’ accounts, even if they are not covered by an Intel sales team.

Together, these Sales AI applications are generating significant business value to Intel. The incremental contribution of Sales Assist to the opportunity pipeline is estimated to be greater than USD 100 million per year, while Autonomous Sales is helping create USD 30 million in new sales annually. However, in 2020 these applications exceeded our expectations and together delivered more than USD 168 million in business value.

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