Intel Centrino2: C.T. Phone Home!

July 14th, 2008 |
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Intel’s new, next-generation Centrino platform, Centrino2 and Centrino2 with vPro, is coming soon to a laptop near you. In this video from the vPro Expert Center, Josh Hilliker, vPro Expert Center’s Community Manager, along with Brian Tucker, Mobile Platforms Marketing Manager, and Senior Systems Engineer Todd Christ, give an sneak peek into Centrino2’s remarkable remote management capabilities, using a combination of Client-Initiated Remote Access (CIRA), and the recently-updated Active Management Technology (AMT) 4.0. Centrino2 with vPro can “phone home” for updates, assistance, or crisis management — even when it’s outside the corporate network, and IT Managers can access it for updates, software patches, troubleshooting, and hardware repair — even when it’s in “sleep” mode.


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