Classic Scoble : Photowalking 10: Maker Faire

July 13th, 2008 |
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What was Scoble up to one year ago today? Check out today’s video for a trip down memory lane.
And for more context, check out his blog, from one year ago today!

We walk around with Flickr-famous photographer (he’s also CEO of competitor Zooomr) Thomas Hawk at the second Maker Faire. If you’ve never been to a Maker Faire, this is a good chance to get a look at some of what goes on there. Thousands of people who make things from crafts to computers and lots of stuff in between. Legos, robots, weird cars and traveling machines, and lots more. Add in some entertainment and you have an event that’s lots of fun for photographers to shoot. Here you’ll meet some craft-makers and we film a Diet Coke explosive event too. Lots of fun. On Monday, I’ll have an interview up with the two guys who started Maker Faire, too, where you’ll hear about their future plans.


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