IT Architecture: Plan for Success

September 19th, 2008 |
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It may seem obvious that planning pays. But for those CIOs and their staffs, managing an IT infrastructure often occurs in an environment where problems are moving targets. Many organizations have little time to plan ahead. But they must. “You’re not going to get there unless you have a plan,” says Bob Stoddard, Intel IT Architect. He was on the team that molded Intel’s IT plan starting in late 1990s. Almost a decade later, Intel’s IT shop is seeing dividends from that plan in the form of lower TCO and improved client efficiency. “vPro is really a beachhead for us in cracking the code to get closer to an end-to-end management solution, not just for the client, but across compute network and storage,” says Prasad Rampalli, vice president of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group. “vPro transcends clients all the way to the data center.” In this podcast, Intel’s Josh Hilliker, Prasad Rampalli and Bob Stoddard discuss the role of planning and why IT architecture is crucial to success.


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