Gnani AI Enabled Voice Bots Empowering Enterprises at Scale – Intel on AI – Episode 53

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In this Intel on AI podcast episode: Every customer call is an opportunity to gain information about customer preferences and provide a positive experience for callers. Yet, call centers can be expensive to run and maintain, especially in the current environment where many workers are unable to travel to their job due to local and state govt restrictions. Filling the call center agent role with an AI assistant is no simple task, but by utilizing Gnani’s solution, companies can ensure that their customers have a good call center experience while saving costs on the back end. Ganesh Gopalan, Co-founder and CEO at, joins the Intel on AI podcast to talk about how Gnani’s AI enabled virtual voice assistants integrate real-time analytics with a voice-bot agent to interact with callers. He illustrates how this technology delivers an intelligent, fully automated option for call centers enabling businesses to quickly respond to customer concerns and questions in a scalable way. Ganesh also illustrates how Intel Engineers worked to optimize Gnani’s decoding speed to help address more customer service calls for the same hardware configuration, making the whole solution more viable and efficient from the customer standpoint.

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