Conversation Targeting: Getting To The Heart Of Blogs And Social Media

December 3rd, 2007 |
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Isolating conversations around products, brands and issues is now possible through BuzzLogic’s new ad targeting feature. In this Marketing Voices product demo video podcast, BuzzLogic CEO Rob Crumpler explains how his company can help marketers better determine who is driving online opinions.

When the service launched earlier this month, news coverage highlighted the potential value to marketers who have been searching for effective ways to participate in discussions and debates online in communities where some of their most passionate potential consumers are already sharing ideas.

The bottom line for BuzzLogic customers, according to ClickZ, the largest resource of interactive marketing news, is that the social media universe can now be managed as one single channel. There is now a new ability to cut through the noise to the 10 or 20 most influential bloggers – a slight tweak on competitors’ offerings in that the focus is not necessarily on the most popular blogs, but specifically the most “influential.”

In his conversation with Jennifer Jones, CEO Crumpler says this conversation targeting ad system delivers more than two times the performance than what could be done just a few months ago. More coverage on the offering, as well as in-depth coverage on related stories, can be found at marketing news site


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