Life Lessons in Technology and How AI can Transform Innovation – Intel Chip Chat – Episode 602

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In this Intel Chip Chat audio podcast with Allyson Klein: Gadi Singer, Vice President, Architecture General Manager, Artificial Intelligence Products Group, Intel, joins Chip Chat to discuss technology innovation and his top life lessons to help us understand AI and its natural progression into our everyday lives. With over 35 years at Intel, Gadi has been a part of driving seven architectures, including the first Intel Xeon processors brought to market. Gadi shares with us the following lessons and knowledge he’s gleaned from his years at Intel: what breakthrough innovation requires; always “question the question” by redefining the problem; transformative innovation challenges beliefs, priorities and values; and when it’s clear it’s late (our thinking is linear and our environment is changing at an exponential rate). Ultimately, Gadi encourages us to embrace AI and its power to improve and accelerate almost any type of innovation.


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