Social Networking in Politics

October 17th, 2006 |
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LOS ANGELES, October 17, 2006, (PodTech News) — Following in the footsteps of musicians, movies and members of the 18-34 demographic, politicians are now turning to social networking sites like MySpacel and Facebook to spread the word about their campaigns and connect with young voters. In the case of MySpace, the site has adapted to its role as a political forum by making an effort to simplify the voter registration process. PodTech’s Matt Kelly spoke with Jeff Berman, MySpace senior vice president of public affairs, about it’s partnership with non-profit voter registration organization Declare Yourself, and the impact of social media in politics.

Reporter’s Notes: It may not be too late to register to vote in the upcoming elections on Nov. 7 (different locales have different cut-off dates), but if you aren’t registered and you want to, check out the MySpace/Declare Yourself page. It hasn’t been updated since the 2004 presidential election, so it will be interesting to see how the site changes over the next year or two, as we head into another presidential cycle.

– Matt Kelly


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