BitTorrent Bullish on Digital Downloads

September 22nd, 2006 |
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LOS ANGELES, September 22, (PodTech News) — This week, The Walt Disney Company saw $1 million in revenue from 125,000 sales of digital movies oniTunes, proving — at least for now — that consumers will pay to download and watch digital content. That’s good news for the crowd of entrants in the video download arena, which seems to be growing every day. The latest is BitTorrent, the peer-assisted content delivery system, which is launching its own movie download website sometime in the fourth quarter. Unlike its competitors, which include the recently-launched Unbox, from Amazon, and AOL’s MusicNow, BitTorrent will have to rely on the speed and quality of a download via it’s file sharing protocol as well as a unique library. Ashwin Navin is co-founder and CEO of BitTorrent. He spoke with Podtech’s Matt Kelly about the challenges facing BitTorrent.

Reporter’s Notes: For helpful tips on BitTorrent, check out Brian’s BitTorrent FAQs

— Matt Kelly


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