Kill Your Television: Revision3 Gets a Mighty Launch

September 27th, 2006 |
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Tuesday night at The Mighty in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill district, Digg CEO Jay Adelson, Digg co-founder and Chief Architect, Kevin Rose, and a couple hundred friends, fans and coworkers celebrated the launch of Revision3, a new TV network for the web. Billed as an Internet media company for the on-demand generation, Revision3 is an IP TV network that will create and produce original entertainment and content about technology, comedy, music, cooking and more. The Revision3 viewing kiosks set up at the party said Revision3 is “distribution-neutral,” willing to work with almost any distribution platform, and using every video encoding platform available. iTunes, Odeo, Bittorrent, and Palm were listed among its inaugural platforms. Diggnation, Rose’s video podcast (along with co-host Alex Albrecht), is one of the cornerstones of Revision3, as is their underground hacker-chic tech show, thebroken. It’s not all that underground — Adelson said “thebroken” has been downloaded successfully over 3 million times. PodTech’s Catherine Girardeau was at The Mighty and filed this report.

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