VMware Validated Designs Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Overview

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The IT Automation Cloud 1.0 validated design supports active/active dual-regions with each region being comprised of a single availability zone.

In this design, the foundation components, such as the management and edge pods are deployed in each region were their specific instances of vCenter Server, Platform Services Controllers, NSX Managers, Controller Cluster and Edges, and vRealize Log Insight are also deployed. One or more compute pods are also deployed in each region and actively run the business workloads.

One region is designated as the “primary” region and the other as the “secondary” region.

The Software-Defined Data Center management, automation and operations are deployed in the primary region and configured to failover to the secondary region in the event of a disaster. These include vRealize Automation, vRealize Orchestrator and vRealize Operations.

Business workloads running in a region affected by a disaster will become unavailable. The management, automation, and operations solutions will failover from the primary region to the secondary region. Once that is complete the impacted business workloads can then be recovered or re-deployed in order to resume business operations.

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