Seagate introduces “Dave,” portable wireless storage device

January 30th, 2007 |
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Here, my sponsor, Seagate, releases a new product, Digital Audio Video Experience (or D.A.V.E) technology, while we walk around San Jose’s famous “Tech” Museum. What is DAVE? It’s a device that fits in your hand, or your pocket. Other devices talk to it through USB, BlueTooth, or WiFi wireless connections, and it stores stuff. Music. Videos. Photos. Or standard old files. You can play those off of a cell phone, or a laptop, or a desktop computer. There’s a software API on the device so software developers can write programs that use DAVE. Imagine your cell phone that only has, say, 4GB’s of storage or less, getting access to DAVE’s hard drive, which has 10GB or 20GB of storage — for less than $200. Not to mention you can use more than one. Great for digital photographers in the field who need to move images around between computers.


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