Mattress Science from MyComfort’s Tony Pearce

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Tony Pearce, president and co-founder of MyComfort, talks with Kip Meacham about they company’s path from startup to leader in the market for innovation-driven cushioning and mattress technology. As an inventor, engineer, researcher and entrepreneur, Pearce took his knowledge and experience from the aerospace industry and focused on the bed, the place where we all spend a full third of our lifetime.

MyComfort was founded in 2006 by Tony and Terry Pearce, partners in EdiZONE, a leading research and development firm for cushioning and other sleep products. EdiZONE has developed and patented many of the sleep technologies available at MyComfort including Intelli-Gel, FLOAM, and Multi-Cell. Their technologies are licensed by companies including Dr. Scholls, JanSport, and Nike, and can be found in products worldwide, in such things as medical beds for critical care patients, consumer beds, pillows, wheelchair cushions, shoes, shoulder straps, toys, and much more.


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