Apple, Sony, and Social Investing

January 20th, 2007 |
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SAN FRANCISCO, January 20, 2007 (PodTech News) — It’s been a quiet week compared to the double whammy earlier this month that saw dueling trade shows — Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and MacWorld in San Francisco. MacWorld, which saw Apple’s formal introduction of its iPhone, stole a lot of the thunder from the annual Las Vegas electronics ritual, but as the initial rapturous iPhone-mania begins to subside, some tech pundits are taking a second, less effusive stance on the three-services-in-one iPhone. Pundits are also continuing to have a go at Sony’s PS3, asking if, this time around, the new gaming device might have missed the mark…. In all things social media, it’s time to follow the money. While Silicon Valley searches for the perfect way to harness online communities for profit and scalability, some business are using social media to drive investor revenue — welcome to social investing. It’s PodTech News.


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