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May 2nd, 2011 |
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The world’s population is aging. It’s estimated that by the year 2050 more than half the people on Earth will be over the age of 50. But while people are living longer, they still have to live with the diseases that come with old age. The European community has been working with technology companies to find ways to keep people healthier longer. One of those technologies that can helps seniors avoid falls by assessing their balance through their scale at home, gathered by a virtual care coordination system known as the Care Innovations Guide – the result of a joint venture between GE and Intel. The companies are involved in the Technology Research for Independent Living Centre, which looks at the physical, social and cognitive consequences of ageing and develops technologies to address them…’making longer lives better’.


Niamh Scannell, TRIL Industry Director; Dublin, Ireland
Dr. Cliodhna Ní Scanaill, Falls Research Engineer, Health Research and Innovation, Intel; Leixlip, Ireland

White Papers & Research:
Shimmer: A Wireless Sensor Platform for Noninvasive Biomedical Research
Fear of Falling and Older Adult Peer Production of Audio-Visual Discussion Material
Stepping Stones


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