Classic Scoble : eBay Demo Expo: Prototype eBay tagcloud gets emotional

April 30th, 2008 |
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What was Scoble up to one year ago today? Check out today’s video for a trip down memory lane.

And for more context, check out his blog, from one year ago today!

I was one of the few outsiders to visit eBay and witness an internal “Demo Expo.” The Demo Expo was a way for employees to come up with a new technology or feature and show it off to eBay’s employees and executives. I picked my favorite four teams, and this is one of them. Thanks to eBay’s Disruptive Innovations team, which is the one that put together the Demo Expo and invited me along. The only rule was that these projects had to use eBay’s standard publicly-available APIs.

Here Neel Sundaresan, distinguished research scientist, eBay Research Labs, shows me Emosi Sosial, which is like a tag cloud, but shows me very quickly whether a seller is highly regarded or not in the areas most important to the interested buyer.

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