PodTech News Brief: Apple Still Not Green

December 7th, 2006 |
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Apple is once again in Greenpeace’s cross-hairs — the environmental watchdog’s Green Electronics Guide put Apple at the bottom of the heap, while Nokia sits on top. Along those lines, a quick look at a conversation that’s bound to gain momentum: How much energy does the online world use? While new chips will save us massive amounts of energy, the question of technology’s impact on increased consumption is a big one. A blogosphere conversation has been going on this week — it started on Rough Type, and continued over at Clickable Culture, Guardian Unlimited and The Social Web. Also, more strangeness in Sony’s PS3 rollout — this time in Japan, and Microsoft’s got some rosy predictions for sales in the new year. Those stories, and the Stat of the Day. It’s PodTech News.

Photo Credit: Capitan Giona/Salvatore_Barbera via Flickr/Creative Commons

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