Information Intelligence: Convergence & Compliance

April 27th, 2009 |
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“Convergence is all about being able to use all your content and data, even on paper, and wrapping around it proper process capabilities, like XML,” says Mark Lewis, President of EMC’s Content Management and Archiving Division. “Bringing that all together under a common information infrastructure is what convergence is all about.” Convergence is the key in making it possible to store data in an optimal location regardless of where it is delivered, and to access that data on a range platforms and devices. Compliance has come into sharp focus in the wake of market scandals and government regulation. But aside from complying with external players, companies are finding it crucial to their security to protect and retain important information and properly dispose of data no longer required. In this 3rd of 4 slideshows, Mark Lewis discusses the role of convergence and compliance in information intelligence, part of EMC’s Four Cs: Context, Convergence, Compliance, and Community.


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