Mashup Camp – Speed Geeking ChicagoCrime

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MashupCamp, held February 2006 at the Computer Museum in Mountain View, gave PodTech a chance to rub elbows with some young programmers who put their intriguing mashups on display. We hit almost all of them in a day full of “Speed Geeking” rounds. We had about 5 minutes with each mashup. So, here’s a taste of the demos — you decide if a mashup is just a clever idea, a sellable service, or a future business.

This one is from, the second place winner of the February Mashup Camp. So far it’s a Chicago thing because its creator, Adrian Holovaty, needs to work with police departments that keep data on computers. Seems some large PDs are still in the realm of paper. Still, it’s a nifty idea that allows users to look at crime data on a map. Maybe those CSI shows aren’t full of hype after all.


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