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October 28th, 2006 |
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This week, from PodTech News, a closer look at Internet addiction — what is it, how widespread is it, does it really exist? Gaming is behind a lot of what people are calling online addiction, so we’ll take a look at just how much some of us are apparently willing to pay to get our fix. Also, a look at some of the FBI’s shiny new data collection systems, and the troubling questions those systems raise. And with Election Day fast approaching, we check in with the people who brought us George W. Bush and John F. Kerry singing “This Land Is Your Land,” back in 2004. JibJab is still around, and we wanted to know what they’re up to these days.

Clark Boyd’s Notes: You can find more information on both EFF lawsuits here and here. For you real legal eagles, read the actual complaint (pdf) filed against the FBI for release of information on the Investigative Data Warehouse. The FBI does have a page with some info on its technology. Do a search for Investigative Data Warehouse and you can find articles with some details on how the FBI plans to datamine their database. My question: are we seeing John Poindexter’s Total Information Awareness program reborn/reworked in some of these technologies?

– Clark

Catherine Girardaud’s Sources:

Dr. David Greenfield’s site

Dr. Kimberly Young’s site

Gary Haran’s World of Warcraft Detox site

Click here for transcript.

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