How Use Cases are Helping to Productize the IT Organization

August 17th, 2007 |
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Join BearingPoint manager and technologist Zahra Rahemtulla, as she presents a case for use cases and their role as an effective vehicle to map out activities an IT organization should put in place for a proactive approach to service delivery.

Productization is a means of helping an organization to think about its IT products and services, and how they could be packaged to offer and sell to end users. It’s about providing a bundled service that delivers business value to the end users.

Transforming the thinking and IT operations is a cultural shift that requires a new mindset. The use cases help organizations see on paper how it would work, because they represent a real life scenario that depicts how a service should behave in a future state (not just the ideal state). They help show minimum requirements to help deliver and support the service.


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