PodTech News Brief: Merger’s Neutrality Implications

January 3rd, 2007 |
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SAN FRANCISCO, January 3, 2007 (PodTech News) — The finalized merger of BellSouth and AT&T included an unprecedented agreement with serious implications for network neutrality. Also, security issues set the year off to a jittery start, with a short-lived malware virus and a short-lived Gmail vulnerability. The holiday season closed out with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 ahead of its gaming console rivals. Those stories, and a Stat of the Day. It’s PodTech News.

Reporter’s Notes:

For additional coverage of the BellSouth/AT&T negotiations, check out Susan Crawford‘s blog. Also, Public Knowledge, the Washington, D.C.-based digital rights advocacy group, and official documents at the FCC Web site.

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