The EV1 Electrifies Audience at Renewable L.A.

December 10th, 2007 |
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American Hi Definition and Sweetwater Digital of Van Nuys, CA, hosted the first annual Renewable L.A., a day long “consumption-lite” eco fest, celebrating renewable energy and transportation. The first annual solar open house and green holiday gift event put a spotlight on the largest solar installation in the area, constructed by Energy Efficiency Solar of Pomona, CA, comprised of 600, 190-watt individual solar panels. In addition to test rides of two Vectrix Maxi-Scooters and three ZENN‘s, the over 300 visitors who attended the event had a special treat when an EV1, one of the handful not notoriously crushed in 2005 by the all-electric car’s maker, GM, made a surprise appearance, driving onto the event’s parking lot. I spoke with Alexandra Paul, actress, EV1 advocate and activist, who appeared in the movie, Who Killed the Electric Car, about the momentous occasion. Zan Dubin Scott has more in a writeup on


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