After Napster: Peer to Peer Business Models with Rusty Rueff, CEO SnoCap

September 8th, 2006 |
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After Napster, Sean Fanning founded SNOCAP, in hopes of promoting peer-to-peer networking, but the company has since evolved into a provider of digital licensing and copyright management services for artists exploring the new digital music marketplace. Rusty Rueff is the current CEO of the company. He spoke with PodTech’s Michael Johnson at the Bandwidth music & technology conference in San Francisco.

Reporter’s notes: So it looks like peer to peer is here to stay, and in the music business it’s becoming SOP. P.J. Perez has an amusing story about band that could have used some professional help promoting their brand. Songwriter Imogen Heap’s website is a design marvel, craftily employing social media to promote songs and tours. Perhaps she’ll appear in another podcast to talk about her gaggle of tech devices she uses to perform her music.


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