Sea Change Investment Fund

March 6th, 2007 |
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Sea Change Investment Fund invests in progressive companies that promote market access to seafood from environmentally-preferable sources. Here, we hear why Sea Change switched to Google Apps to integrate its communication and workflow.

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Sea Change Management manages an environmental venture capital fund that invest in Seafood business. Some of the challenges with our prior communication tools centered around trying to integrate a variety of email addresses into one user experience on the desktop. I did not work very well under our old setup especially when people are on the road, but we all had experience with Google products and services in the personal context and when we found out that we could easily migrate to that same functionality and the enterprise contexts it was sort of a no-brainer for us.

The feature there is most interesting to us about the Google Apps are clearly email, but also the integration of the chat feature within email, it is often times — an email is more appropriate, but often times when you need to communicate very quickly with the colleague chat is really ideal for that we also find its search saves a ton of time. Google is obliviously known for its search capability and that process applied to email has been a huge time saver for us and works better than anything else we have ever seen.

We are also excited about the pace of innovation at Google and the types of thing that we can expect to use in the future, whether that is document or spreadsheet sharing in enterprise context, as with every Google product it just works immediately and it is simple to understand. In fact I am not a technical person, but I am the one who setup the system.

People are excited to doing the work context what they are already know and love in the personal context. It is very seamless for folks to switch over in fact there is no transition. It is the same whether you are in the office, whether you are working from home. I was recently in Thailand and the experienced, when I had to be connected with my colleagues was exactly the same, as if I was sitting on my desk in San Francisco.

Sea change is a noble company within the venture capital space. We are taking innovative approach and we like to work with companies who are taking a similarly innovative approach and when we found that there was a Goggle solution for the problems we were having, it was an obvious choice for us.

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