Exclusive Seagate Q1 Earnings Review Podcast with CEO Bill Watkins

October 24th, 2006 |
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Seagate Technology CEO Bill Watkins reviewed Seagate’s Q1 earnings with PodTech Founder and CEO John Furrier. In this podcast, Watkins reviews the overall industry landscape, his company’s performance and his outlook for the rest of the fiscal year. He cites a continuing increase in demand for storage, a notion supported by Seagate’s increases in shipments. The big story, however, is aggressive pricing competition. Despite that, Watkins says Seagate will not lose market share to competitors, highlighting the company’s cost structure as its key competitive advantage.

John’s Notes: I was impressed to see that Seagate made money in what was a vicious pricing cycle, and while its competitors were losing money. How long can competitors continue to lower prices (and lose money)?

– John Furrier

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