Coverage from Intel Developer Forum Keynote – Sean Maloney Part 3 of 4 “New Notebooks and Santa Rosa Technology”

March 7th, 2006 |
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Intel Developer Forum – Sean Maloney, Executive VP; General Manager, Mobility Group – Keynote Part 3 of 4 “New Notebooks and Santa Rosa Technology” March7, 2006 San Francisco.

“Mobility is defining the future of computing. The broadband Internet is becoming a conduit for all content – entertainment, education, government, business and commerce. To reach its full potential, broadband Internet needs to be ubiquitous… and to be ubiquitous, it must be mobile. Sean Maloney’s keynote will lay out how the industry will create ubiquitous mobile computing, including Intel’s roadmaps for notebooks, smartphones and broadband wireless technologies. At the same time, the high performance, lower power technologies at the heart of the mobile revolution are now driving the entire computing industry… one can look to mobility first to see “what’s next”.


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