Intel vPro Experts Say Activate Now

June 6th, 2008 |
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“We’ve got the right tools, the right place, the right time: now is the time to activate,” said Intel vPro Expert Center Community Manager Josh Hilliker. What’s he talking about? Intel’s vPro technology, and the tools available to help end-users self-activate their vPro systems, taking them, as Hilliker says, “from zero to 60.” In this podcast, Hilliker is joined by Tim Duncan, “The Tool Guy.” He’s an Intel marketing engineer who leads a team developing tools to make Intel vPro technology-based platforms easier to use. Also in the podcast, Michele Gartner, who manages Intel’s online Activation zone. Tim talks tools, and Michele lets people know where to go to find everything they need to get their vPro-based systems up and activated.


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