Cloudpick AI-Powered Autonomous Retail Store Solution – Intel on AI – Episode 60

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In this Intel on AI podcast episode: Retail shoppers around the world are always looking to have a more personalized, convenient, and overall better shopping experience when they visit stores. With the advent of advanced cameras, sensors, and AI technology, smart stores are eliminating the need for customers to wait in line, scan their purchases, or even complete a payment transaction with a cashier. Also, during the worldwide pandemic it can be difficult for retail staff to limit their exposure to potentially infected people throughout the course of their workday. For consumers as well, maintaining safe distances can be nearly impossible when at a busy store or when interacting directly with a store cashier. Mark Perry, the Global Business Director at Cloudpick, joins the Intel on AI podcast to talk about how Cloudpick’s AI-powered smart store solution is providing customers with enhanced shopping experiences while also working to help keep them safe. He describes how Cloudpick’s system can automatically recognize a customer when they enter the store as well as the products that the customer gathers and automatically charge costs to the customer’s account without having to interact with a cashier or scan their items. Mark also talks about how during the Covid-19 pandemic, retail stores being able to limit staff interactions with customers and allowing customers to avoid touching checkout machines helps customers staff avoid potential exposure. He also discusses how optimizing the Cloudpick solution for Intel architecture and using the Intel distribution of OpenVINO has helped enable Cloudpick’s solution to operate fater and provide consumers with better, safer shopping experiences.

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