Live at IDF: Engaging With Global Intel Software Communities

September 20th, 2007 |
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In what Intel called the “first ever software keynote address,” Intel Vice President and General Manager of the Software and Solutions Group Renee James kicked off Day 3 of the Fall IDF in San Francisco.

James, who manages the global network of teams that interact with all of the software companies that do business with Intel, spoke about, “Where Innovation Happens: Engaging with Intel Software Communities.”

In this podcast, we hear how the “community” aspect turns out to be key, as the relationships James oversees encompass the entire product lifecycle from early planning all the way through to sales and marketing. James devoted some time during the keynote to a few of those communities, including, a new community site that hosts the Mobile & Internet Linux Project, an “umbrella, open source project” for mobile Internet devices (MID). Another community,, is a developer community for reducing power consumption that’s supported by Oracle (the site explains that, rather than being “about marketing,” it’s about “creating a community around saving power on Linux, bringing developers, users, and sysadmins together to share software, optimizations, and tips and tricks.” There’s also a global developer relations group, in addition to engineering and product teams.

James also pointed to, an Intel initiative that encourages communities to weigh in on the software development process, providing resources like, at the moment, an Integrated Debugger for Java/JNI Environments, for example.

In addition to supporting such a diverse array of global communities, James also oversees Intel Solution Services, Intel’s worldwide professional services organization.

At Intel, James was the product and program manager for the first software video codecs (Indeo), and was a member of the team developing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for the unification of Unix on Intel Architecture.

To learn more about the Intel Software Community, click here.

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