Detecting Deepfakes Using Intel Xeon Scalable Processors – Intel on AI – Episode 42

December 23rd, 2019 |
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In this Intel on AI podcast episode: Recording live at the Intel AI Summit event in San Francisco California, Ben Taylor the Chief Data Officer of Zeff, joins the Intel on AI Podcast to discuss deepfake technology and risks that deepfakes can present to elections, banking, security, and many other sectors. A deepfake is the use of AI or machine learning techniques to take an existing image or video and superimpose or imitate someone’s likeness in that media. Ben talks about how a previous indicator that was used to detect deepfakes was analyzing the pattern of an individual’s eye blink rate in a video but because deepfake technology has increasingly become more complex, Zeff now uses techniques like blood flow analysis to identify them. He highlights that while previously Zeff used GPUs to run their workloads, because of batch size and memory constraints Zeff is using Intel Xeon Scalable processors to overcome these limitations and drive better performance in their workloads. Ben also discusses how, in addition to detecting deepfakes, Zeff has been working to transform businesses in a wide array of ways by using AI including smart home technology, gameshow prediction, and many others.

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