OTT Video Encoding – Intel Chip Chat Network Insights – Episode 235

November 5th, 2019 |
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Intel Chip Chat – Network Insights audio podcast with Allyson Klein: TV service operators want to provide high-quality video – but they also want to keep costs down. Intel’s latest Xeon Platinum 8200 series processors – combined with Anevia’s Genova software encoders – enable 20% more HD channels at the same CPU frequency. So high-quality OTT video encoding is finally affordable.

Jérôme Blanc, EVP Compression Products at Anevia, joins Intel Chip Chat Network Insights in this archive of a live cast interview from the Visual Cloud conference at IBC Show 2019, in Amsterdam, Netherlands – to describe the massive industry transformation occurring with OTT TV services and how Anevia’s end to end solution for TV providers addresses complexity and avoids custom hardware when providing video encoding software.

In this interview, Jérôme shares Anevia’s perspective on scaling to meet the underlying viewer demand, and the Intel technology collaborations including early access to new 2nd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors in order to adapt the Genova encoder to benefit from the new deep learning boost technologies and accelerate video encoding.

Learn more about Anevia’s recent release of 4K multi-bitrate, 10 bit encoding with HDR, and the opportunities for OTT being discussed at the IBC 2019.
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What Is the Visual Cloud?

Learn more about Intel’s work in network transformation, 5G and edge computing at:

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