Advancing Natural Language Processing – Intel Chip Chat Episode 674

October 20th, 2019 |
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In this Intel Chip Chat audio podcast with Allyson Klein: Natural Language Processing is a complex and important field of AI. It’s what allows AI assistants to understand human voices, chatbots to understand typed text, and AI to read scanned text from analogue media. Understanding language and producing language are at once simple and complex problems for AI. While an AI may know the meaning of individual words perfectly well, syntax, sentiment, and context can add meaning that is more difficult to detect.

For this episode we’re joined by Peter Izsak, a senior deep learning data scientist and lead developer of NLP Architect at Intel. NLP Architect is an open source library built to facilitate research and collaboration within the NLP community and create a platform for NLP collaboration. Now on its fifth version, NLP Architect’s newest features allow for greater understanding of linguistic context that AI often finds so challenging.
For more about NLP Architect go to:

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