Touchstone: Addressing NFV Infrastructure – Intel Chip Chat Network Insights – Episode 225

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Intel Chip Chat – Network Insights audio podcast with Allyson Klein: Thomas Lindquist, CTO at VoerEir, joins Intel Chip Chat Network Insights to discuss VoerEir’s work to deliver tools for testing NFV Infrastructure as well as their work within OpenStack and OPNFV where VoerEir provides contributions to the test automation development.

VoerEir was founded in 2015 by a team of former Ericsson executives with a clear mission to help communication service providers with their NFV transformation. The full VoerEir team has many years of experience from OpenStack, NFV, Telecom application development and VNF on-boarding.
In this interview Thomas explains more about VoerEir’s approach to the delivery of tools for the testing of NFV infrastructure and explains that it is not enough to just test the VNF performance alone and that you need to comprehend the NFVi layer as part of the overall performance and KPI’s.
Thomas also talks about VoerEir’s Touchstone test manager, which is a pure software suite manager for NFVI Certification and Validation for OpenStack based NFV-Infrastructures that you need to test a cloud’s Performance, Functionality, Robustness, and Stability in an automated manner.

Touchstone provides an “out of the box” test solution with emulated predefined test cases for NFV Infrastructure’s performance along with KPI validation and testing for Performance optimization.

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