Tech Industry Charged Up, But Not About Batteries

August 25th, 2006 |
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MENLO PARK, August 25, 2006 (PodTech News) — In the wake of laptop computer battery fires and explosions,Dell, Inc. and Apple Computer both announced recalls of over 6 million lithium-ion laptop computer batteries over the last two weeks. That’s what looks like the story. But the real story is, as more and more functionality is crammed into a single device, why isn’t the industry giving consumers batteries that not only don’t overheat, but can power all the functions on all the devices we’re buying, and being sold? At a semiconductor industry seminar Thursday about chip design for more function and less power consumption, sponsored by Cadence Design Systems, PodTech’s Catherine Girardeau talked with Milind Padhye of Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

REPORTER’S NOTES: The Cadence Design Systems seminar offered a fascinating glimse into the possible future of power-saving industry standards and integrated design of chips, electronics and devices based on collaboration at all levels of the industry, from the fabs that make the silicon to the wireless carriers. For the consumer, industry standards could mean one kind of power adapter that would work with all of our devices, and one standardized power format. Wouldn’t it be nice….

— Catherine


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