ELEMENTS OF INFLUENCE: Making Plays in Social Marketing?

October 9th, 2006 |
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Alan Kelly, CEO and founder of The Playmaker’s Standard, LLC and newly minted author of the book called the Elements of Influence suggests to MV host Jennifer Jones that what social media lacks is a coherent vocabulary/lexicon and ultimately playmaking ability for dissecting spin that is in the blogsphere.

Playmaking, in business is what Pepsi does to thwart Coke, and vice versa. In politics, it’s what White House strategists do to propel an agenda and win elections. In pop culture, it’s what Oprah Winfrey does to build her personal brand and seduce her audience. Playmaking is the essential skill for advancing ideas, controlling marketplace discussions, positioning products, de-positioning competitors, embracing allies, and moving a brand forward. Kelly believes it is time for a new language for marketers. However, the “playmakers” in social media have no codified framework for calling and running their “plays”. They have no play book, much less a common dialect. The Playmaker’s Standard enables and fully empowers social media Kelly believes.


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