Chill Out with Geek Chic’s Chill Pak

March 2nd, 2007 |
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Dean Haglund has always been a geek, even before it was cool. So maybe it was art, imitating life, when for 9 years he played ‘Langly’ on the X-Files. Today, in addition to being an actor, he’s also an inventor and entreprenuer, developing the Chill Pak for his company, Geek Chic. The Chill Pak is a brand new product designed to keep your laptop, er, notebook computer cool and prevent it from overheating and bursting into flames–a major problem recently chronicled in the news and blogosphere. As the user of a MacBook Pro, I can attest to how hot these devices get, so when I found out about the Chill Pak, I had to get not one, but two, so one is always in the freezer ready to keep my computer cool. There’s an interesting angle to the interview and Haglund’s career involving 9/11 that sends chills down my back just thinking about it — one which lends itself to 9/11 conspiracy theories….


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