Intel Delivers Silicon Photonics for Hyperscale Data Centers – Intel Chip Chat – Episode 495

October 13th, 2016 |
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In this Intel Chip Chat audio podcast with Allyson Klein: Robert Blum, Director of Strategic Marketing & Business Development at Intel, Hans-Juergen Schmidtke, Director of Engineering at Facebook, and Tom Issenhuth, Optical Network Architect at Microsoft, join us live from the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. At the show, Intel announced that Intel Silicon Photonics is in volume production in the form of 100G optical transceivers on open-standard, MSA (multi-source agreement) modules. The participants discuss the need for optical connectivity in today’s hyperscale data centers, best practices for integrating optical connections, and the future migration to higher data rates and new optical standards.

For more information on Intel Silicon Photonics, please check out Alexis Bjorlin’s blog, “It’s Here: Bringing Light to Intel’s Silicon” at:

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