Azul Systems: Zulu Enterprise – Certified, Fully-Supported builds of OpenJDK for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

September 22nd, 2016 |
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Azul Systems, the leader in Java runtime solutions, presents Zulu Enterprise, a certifed, fully supported version of OpenJDK and compliant implementation of the Java Standard Edition (SE) speci cation for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and the Cloud. Zulu is designed to allow companies to leverage the latest advances in the proven OpenJDK code base for production applications. Zulu is maintained and supported by Azul Systems, a company 100% focused on Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) with over 10 years’experience building and supporting innovative enterprise Java. Zulu Enterprise is ideal for companies running applications on multiple Java versions on-premise and in the Cloud, including older versions such as Java 6, who need cost-effective, high-quality ongoing support. Users can choose the ideal subscription support tier for their business and rest assured, knowing major versions of Zulu Enterprise are supported for ten years from initial General Availability. Expert Azul support delivers faster bug xes, multiple version support for long production lifetimes and ongoing enhancements to performance, monitoring and management features.

Zulu Enterprise is available for the Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems for deployment on-premise or in the Cloud. You can deploy Zulu on bare metal, using Docker or on major hypervisors.

Zulu is certifed compliant with the Java SE standard. After installing Zulu, reset $JAVA_HOME from your existing Java infrastructure (such as Oracle’s Hotspot, Oracle’s JRockit, IBM’s J9, or Red Hat’s IcedTea) to point to Zulu. Zulu has been veri ed by exhaustive compatibility testing and by passing all tests in the Java SE version of the OpenJDK Community TCK (Technology Compatibility Kit). It requires no coding changes to your existing applications and can be run in your data center, in a virtualized environment and in the Cloud.

Zulu is based on the 100% open source OpenJDK project and is freely available. Azul endorses the OpenJDK project, contributes bug fixes back to the project and supports community adoption of Zulu for server and Cloud-based Linux, Windows and Mac OS X applications.

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