Tech Tonics: Dr. Sachin Jain… Professional Culture, Patient Focused

November 2nd, 2015 |
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When Dr. Sachin Jain got the call to become Chief Medical Officer of Anthem’s highly-regarded CareMore Unit, he could hardly have feigned surprise. It must have seemed like the role to which he was destined: a physician leader in an innovative delivery system The challenge, he says, was finding one.
The son of a physician, a government major in college, a MD/MBA with experience working for health policy giants Don Berwick and David Blumenthal, several years as Chief Medical Information Officer at Merck – Sachin was ready. The question now is how he plans to marry his talent and experience with a sprinkling of technology and toe-nail clipping, to reshape care delivery, especially outside the walls of traditional hospitals and clinics. Find out on this new episode of Tech Tonics.


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